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Translation into French

Are you looking for an excellent French translator? You have found it: welcome to! My name is Emmanuelle Riffault, I'm French and, as every genuinely professional translator should, I exclusively translate into my native language: French. This is my so-called target language. My source languages are German and English. In other words:


I will translate for you into French texts originally written in German or in English. 

Did you already know that a translator needs to deeply understand the content of your text, your message and your intention? Unfortunately, dictionnaries are not enough (this is even worse when texts become extremly technical) and translation machines don't understand any meaning. That is why a professional translator works in specific expertise fields in which they also know how things go in the target language, in my case in French.

Read more about my expertise fields and what makes a translator excellent.

Emmanuelle Riffault, technical translator


Technical translation

I speak and write the language of these technical fields:


  • Construction: architecture, building industry, road construction, earthmoving equipments, cranes, landscaping, urban planning

  • Industry: steel industry, mechanical industry, automotive, transport & logistics, packaging industry

  • Environment: energy, renewables, permaculture, organic farming

Believe it or not, I love to translate patents, technical descriptions, test reports, specifications...

Heavy industry_edited.jpg
Technical translation


Business translation

Here is where I am also the best translator for your business documents:


  • Real estate, property management

  • Consulting, accounting, finance

  • Marketing

  • Gastronomy, tourism

  • Textile, fashion

  • Education

Make sure your website, blog articles, online shop, newsletter, customer magazine really sound French instead of just translated.

Image by AbsolutVision
Business and marketing


Proofreading, reviewing

There are many reasons why you may need proofreading and/or reviewing, for example:

- The quality standard  ISO 17100 for translation services includes proodreading and reviewing in the translation process.

- Your employees write documents in French or you have some translations done in-house and you need these texts to be checked by an external native speaker.

- You have a series of texts written by different authors and you need to harmonise terminology, typography, style...

Proofreading, reviewing, harmonising
Proofreading, editing, reviewing
Emmanuelle Riffault, Übersetzungen, traductions, translations

What is the best compliment I ever received? A client thanked me for the excellent blog article and actually forgot it was a translation.

Emmanuelle Riffault, traductrice technique

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